Name :

Jeff Hateley

Influences :

Lemmy, Dee Dee Ramone, Algy Ward and Paul Grey from the Damned, Pete Way, Nikki Sixx, Geezer Butler.

Most memorable Wolfsbane gig :

Too many to mention but here’s a few that come to mind, Enots Lichfield 1984, first proper gig, Tamworth Arts Centre ’84 second gig (smoke and red light)  Tamworth Rock festival ’88 in the rain,  first Marquee headline gig ’87, Belfast with Iron Maiden ’90. All of the Down Fall the Goodguys tour ’91, Wembley ’91, Any gig at Norwich Oval!!, the Astoria ’91, Wildhearts supporting, the Astoria 2007, supporting the Wildhearts, The Borderline 2011 ( best re formed gig) , Hard Rock Hell 2011, rose to the occasion, fucking rocked it!! Most of the last tour.

Other/previous bands :

Stretch,(mad ,stupid, brilliant)  The Hormones, what was I thinking! Not a real band, I was playing guitar (not very well) and the singer was a minor talent who thought he was a great Irish poet! It was bound to end in tears, and it did, but not for me, I was sacked before they made total cunts out of themselves in the worst ever episode of friends! But at least it led on to the Jellys, 5 years and 3 albums of insane drug fuelled madness!! But that’s another story

All-time favorite bands :

AC/DC , Motörhead, Stones, Ramones, The Who, New York Dolls, Stooges, MC5, Sabbath (with Ozzy) The Damned, Pistols, Bowie, Velvet Underground, you know all the usual stuff people like me are into

Message to the world :

Keep the faith, if it was up to me we’d play a lot more gigs but it’s out of my hands.