Name :

Steve “Danger” Ellet

Influences :

Moon, Clem Burke, Simon Kirke more recently Clive Deamer Portishead’s drummer. Totally unbelievable what he can play.

Most memorable gig :

Either the Stones in LA with Guns n Roses supporting. Or Depeche Mode Violator tour. That’s tough as I go to over 100 gigs a year. One of the most memorable was Blink 182 at Reading they were so fucking shit. I went to Leeds the following day and they were still fucking awful. Total let down about as punk as the Queen.

Most memorable Wolfsbane gig :

There’s 3 real stand out ones for me. The Cathouse LA. We had Danzig as our crew and we all but emptied the place. The owner Riki Rachtman loved it jumping up and down going that was great no fuckin’ poseurs. Supporting Guns n Roses at the Rip party. Fuckin nuts, they’d just exploded everywhere with Appetite and played this theatre in downtown LA. Way too small. And when we played Wembley Arena for the Brits.

Other/previous bands :

The deformed, Trans A.M., Realm, Stretch

All-time favorite album :

I’ve not got an all time favorite album, my musical taste changes so much.

Message to the world :

Be good, drink, listen to all advice, ignore half of it, act on half of that and believe half of that.
And remember “You’ll never get to Heaven with an AK47”